Welcome to the Land of the Marching Vikings!

Eastern Viking Band Aides, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) parent booster group.

<blockquote><h3>2016 Indoor Drumline</h3>winner's of the 9-state Atlantic Coast Championships!</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>2016 Indoor Color Guard</h3> performing *We're All Mad Here* -- a show show based on the movie *Alice.*</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>2016 Indoor Season</h3>Announcing the winner!</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>2016 Winter Guard</h3>Rifle line.</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>2015 Rehearsal</h3>in the parking prior to the Atlantic Coast Championships.</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>2015 band</h3>entering the field for competition.</blockquote>