What does the EVBA do, anyway?

The EVBA exists to support the Band. That support is provided in numerous ways. Members of the EVBA volunteer in several capacities to ensure the students are prepared and ready to perform. Those volunteers fit, maintain and distribute uniforms; transport, load and unload equipment; provide assistance getting props and equipment onto and off of performance venues; provide and serve meals and snacks; organize fundraisers and special events; and keep all parents as well as the community informed of what’s going on with the Band.


Why does the EVBA want my money? Why can’t I volunteer without paying dues? What do they do with that money, anyway?

The membership dues are, essentially, a fundraiser for the EVBA. As mentioned above, the EVBA exists to support the Band.Only part of that support comes in the guise of volunteers. The rest is monetary. The EVBA provides funding for the Band to subsidize expenses the school budget doesn’t cover. Those expenses include uniforms and apparel; performance props and equipment; food for the students and directors before football games, during band camp and other long practices and competitions; various supplies; and banquet and event expenses.


TOB? TIA? NJA? — OMG! What does it all mean?

TOB (Tournament of Bands) and TIA (Tournament Indoor Association) together form one of the largest competitive organizations for the performing arts in the nation. They cover the nine-state mid-Atlantic region of the United States offering high schools and independent units to compete with each other at the local, then chapter, then state and then finally regional levels. The outdoor season culminates with the regional competition (the ACCs, or Atlantic Coast Championships) in the Hershey, PA area. The indoor season ACCs happen at the end of April in Wildwood, NJ.  All competitions are judged by judges trained and certified by the NJA, the National Judges Association.